Wednesday, December 30, 2015

52 books

Over the past year I have made 52 handmade books - more or less one each week. It started out as a way to motivate myself to do something creative on a regular basis and at the same time use up some of arty bits that I've been hoarding for way too long. I have started "annual" projects in the past, but like most resolutions they all got derailed after a few months. I'm really pleased that I stuck with this one for the whole year.

I didn't have many "rules" for this project - just to make a book each week and to fill them with art or writing or something. Although I didn't set any limitations on the size, shape or materials, in the end all the books are rectangles and made mainly of paper. I didn't even try out any fancy binding techniques. The largest one is about 12" by 6" and the smallest one is less than 1 cm square (it's really teeny).

Maybe over the next year, I'll post pictures of each of the individual books and their contents.

Oh, and yes, I do have another annual project planned for 2016. I've still got lots of art supplies to use up.


  1. Wow...great committment! Love to see each of them and what you do with them!

  2. I hope you do show the books! I would love to see them! Cool project!

  3. Yes, I was plannning to start posting one book a week, but I lost my camera - somewhere in my house. I've now found it, so all is right in the world again.

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