Sunday, November 27, 2016

Possible Omissions Show and Sale

Last weekend, we held the Possible Ommisions show and sale at the Mission Possible studio. I took along a few things to exhibit and sell. Making things to sell is most definitely outside my comfort zone, and has been causing me a fair bit of anxiety. I'm usually a fairly relaxed person, so this is not a feeling I have very often, but it's important to do things that make you uncomfortable now and then right?

So, the next time I get asked to participate in a sale (like next
weekend for example), I have a bunch of things ready to go.

We had lots of bare wall space, so I hung some of my recent paintings and asked people to give me feedback on them. Several people commented that they look like my textiles. I don't feel like they are finished yet, but I haven't decided what I want to do with them next. I expect I'll get them out every once in a while and play around with them.

I took a loom along and let people try it out. It was a leftover warp from one of my earlier workshops with an interesting threading arrangement. I liked the way the warp is spaced out with some areas with larger floats. I like the way the piece turned out, and lots of people asked what I'm going to do with it. I think it is the perfect size to become the back of a vest. Now, I just have to collect some weaving for the front.
I took my button maker along and people had lots of fun making little collage buttons. Interesting message choices. The ones that say "be kind" and "It's not the end of the world" were made by a librarian from the US. I think she's planning to wear them to work.

And, why yes, that is reference to A Clockwork Orange in the upper left corner.

I think my favourite is the forest with the little green heart that says "How beautiful you are!"

I was thinking of selling the button maker last year because we hardly ever use it anymore, but I'm glad I hung onto it.

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