Thursday, March 23, 2017

All about the kids

It's Spring Break here, but this is the first year that my own kids do not have a break at the same time. My older daughter is in her first year of university, so she had a break back in February. Since no one wanted to miss school (really!) we're staying home.

Last week, I did get to spend some time with other people's children. On Wednesday, I was at the Katzie Children's Festival. I took my Salish loom and we did a collaborative weaving.

Lots of the kids knew what they were doing since they've done this type of weaving at school, and yes, those are the ends of balloons that you can see in the finished weaving.

On Friday, I subbed for the regular instructor at the Place des Arts Spring Break Camp. I had 35 kids that morning. fortunately not all at the same time. We made felted easter eggs.

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