Monday, September 21, 2015

More weaving

After taking the SAORI workshop, I was inspired to dig out my own rigid heddle loom and start weaving. I had put it away, half warped when I was pregnant with my first child. I had been planning to weave a gift for my midwives, but I decided to take their advice and just let some things go.

Over the 17 years that my loom had been waiting for me, the warp had  been "aging" - the threads had become tangled, stretched and broken. The whole thing was a big mess and I thought about ripping it off the loom and starting over but I kept the SAORI philosophy "there are no mistakes" in mind and persevered.

It was a short warp, which was probably a good thing because it was almost impossible to wind it onto the loom as it was. I ended up with enough fabric to make the back of another completely unique one of a kind original top that I called "Mid Main" after the location of my midwives' clinic.

"Mid Main" back
I wove more fabric using similar colours for the front panels:
"Mid Main" front

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