Monday, September 21, 2015

SAORI Weaving

I studied weaving with a master weaver for about 10 years, and then I got pregnant. My loom sat, untouched and 1/2 warped for almost 17 years. Then, quite by accident, I came across a SAORI weaving workshop offered by Terri Bibby of SAORI Saltspring. I was intrigued and signed up right away.

SAORI weaving starts with the belief that "there are no mistakes". This is very different from the precision and attention to detail that are important in other types of weaving. In SAORI weaving pretty much anything goes, wavy selvedges, dangling threads, lumps, bumps and holes just add to the beauty of the fabric.

First SAORI weaving
I was hooked. I made myself a completely original, one of a kind top that used up all the fabric that I wove at that first workshop. I call it "Semiamhoo" after the workshop location.

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