Thursday, March 31, 2016

Katzie Children's Festival

I took a loom to the Katzie First Nation Children's Festival last week. Lots of little hands, and a few bigger ones too, worked to weave a community banner that reflects their personal choices as well as their connections to each other. 

I really love the things that people say to me while they are weaving. One boy said that the First Nations teacher at his school has a hat that is woven, but she didn't make it herself. Another child told me he was 1/2 First Nations, but that he might be fully, but he wasn't sure. A couple of kids said that their grandmother had already taught them to weave - not sure if they had the same grandmother or not. One girl offered to show me how to finger weave. Someone offered to give me a bag of rovings from her sheep, and of course many many people said that weaving was lots of fun.

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