Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weaving at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Many people added to this very long banner woven over two days at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. We talked a lot about how the weaving is a metaphor for community with each person making their own unique and personal contribution to something that becomes much bigger than any one of us.

Lots of people asked us about Jacquard looms as there is a connection between the punch cards system used with that type of loom and the early punch card controlled computers. While my very low tech rigid heddle loom does use a binary system, like our current computers, it is definitely not a Jacquard loom.

In addition to the community weaving over the weekend, I also offered a one hour workshop for people who wanted to spend more time weaving something to take home.

These are some of the very lovely pieces of cloth that they wove - each one is a unique reflection of the person who made it.

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