Thursday, January 21, 2016

52 books - week 3 - Happy things in January

Lots of people I know have "Happiness Jars". They write down the nice things that happen each day and save the slips of paper in a jar. At the end of the year they have a jar full of little notes about all the good in their lives. I decided to make a bookish version as part of my year long project.

I gathered up some random papers that were cluttering up my worktable - they aren't even all the same size. I decorated them with other bits and pieces that were lying around. Then I folded them in half, found a pretty cardstock cover and stapled everything together in the spine.

During the month, I jotted down notes about things that made me happy. It still makes me smile to go back and read about things that happened last year.

Some of my notes:
"Day trips to Bellingham" - Going to Bellingham in January may become a family tradition. This year we stayed a couple of nights
"AD says she likes having her easy classes in the afternoon so that she doesn't have too work too hard after lunch. Her 'easy' classes are math and science."

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